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Getting There

There are many small rooms/apartments available to rent. You can quite easily book just a flight and arrange accommodation when you arrive. The local Greeks will meet you at the Airport or harbour (if arriving by ferry) and offer you accommodation. Be prepared to barter so you don't get ripped off. There are also accommodation agencies at the airport and in the old town itself. Another important criteria is to insist that you want to stay in or as near as possible to the old town itself. This is important as this is where everything happens in the evening. You don't want to be stuck up a hill with nothing but a goat for entertainment.

Let's go to the Beach!

Mykonos has some very nice beaches. You can reach them by going butch, hiring a moped, falling off and breaking your leg riding over the rough terrain. Alternatively go the civilized way. Get the bus from Mykonos town down to Plati Yalos and then jump on one of the little fishing boats that will drop you off at the individual beaches. Ask for Super (the gay beach).
Psaros beach next to Plati Yalos has a diving school.

Super Paradise: The Queeny beach. The far end of the beach (right hand side when facing the sea) is where the gays congregate. The beach is clean, the sea is a crystal clear blue so it is pleasant to swim in, snorkel etc. The greedy Greeks have erected umbrellas two thirds of the way down the beach which offer shade but spoil its secluded charm and, as with any nice "gay space", the straights have moved in. Why when there are thousands of normal beaches do straight people have to intrude on what is essentially one of the traditional gay beaches in the world? Fortunately you don't get many screaming kids.

Super Paradise is well catered for food and drink with a good beach restaurant at one end and a trendy cocktail bar at the other. Great alcoholic fruit cocktails/ fresh fruit salads with honey and Greek yogurt are recommended. There is another restaurant at the back of the beach which no-one seems to be using. Wrong colour serviettes I suppose.

Agrari and Elia are larger more deserted beaches allowing you to escape the crowds. Elia unfortunately is also now covered with beach umbrellas except for the right hand gay section. Both are reachable via ferry or taxi and there is a bus service to Elia from Mykonos harbour rather than the bus stop. There is a new water park on Elia called Water Mania.

An added bonus. Nude bathing is allowed on the majority of beaches if you want to advertise/expose your bits to passers by.   

Where the Action is...
Gay Bars & Mykonos Town

Although Mykonos is a popular gay destination, there aren't any large gay clubs as in Ibiza or London. However there are a number of gay bars more than willing to relieve the gay tourist of their holiday handbag.

The main bars are Pierros, Mantos and Icarus where gay men will congregate both outside. The other bar, Nefeli (above Pierros) was shut while we were there.

Suggestion: Buy cheap booze at the supermarket (Gordon's/Stolly 7), get squiffy at your apartment, then head out into the night to meet the man of your dreams. Anyone into German men (with mustaches) is well catered for.

A better alternative is a new bar called Porta where the atmosphere is friendlier and the drinks cheaper. Music is English language with ole Dana International (1998 Eurovision Winner) a current favourite.

Kastro still serves wonderful cocktails to drink watching the sun set and the Piano bar still attracts a older crowd with Yvette's twin sister (Allo Allo) still doing the honours at the piano. Actually she is bad but should sing a few more cheerful songs. She even lost her voice one night which is perhaps a mixed blessing.

The famous city drag bar seems to have closed though. It's a shame as the old drag queen who's still around) use to do a good version of Nana Moussaka and the young drag queen could chuck on a frock and mime to Madonna/Tina Turner in a way that lent inspiration to any budding tranny.

The old town is the centre of action on Mykonos. Originally an old fishing port, it is now the entertainment hub of the island. Narrow winding streets with white washed buildings with painted windows and doors. It looks particularly attractive in the evening when lit up with neon lights in shop windows. Forget a map, just follow the crowd. You will inevitably get disorientated. Don't worry you are not being a dizzy queen, the old town was designed in a way to make it easier to defend against invading Germans sorry pirates. The narrow streets also keep the town cool and protect against the strong winds in winter.


Eating Out.

Eating out in Mykonos has a never been a problem. Most taste buds are catered for. Gatsby's (0289) 26217 advertises itself as a gay restaurant although you will be welcome everywhere. Most restaurants offer good value and excellent choices from traditional Greek, French, Italian and Chinese. Most menus are written in English if you were worried about having to speak Greek.There are many very good restaurants on the island. Sea Food is a specialty as well as Gyros and Souvlaki (grilled lamb or chicken served from a skewer). Most of the restaurants are reasonable value and seating arrangements are usually al fresco. Gay men are everywhere which is a nice feeling.


Get connected
Cyber Cafes and mobile phones

If you're reading this you're obviously using the Internet. For those of you who like to pick up their emails daily you're be pleased to know there is a brand new Cyber-Cafe just opened. The cafe is situated between the bus station and the windmills. Walk down from the bus station, fork left and follow the road round. The cyber cafe is on left hand side. E-mail.

Mobile Phones: An essential accessory in London, a unnecessary intrusion on Mykonos. Yes your clients can now phone you on the beach . Check with your operator before you leave re rooming arrangements. We know Vodafone worked although whether One2One or Orange do is another matter. You can now lie on the beach in the arms of your new beau and lie through to your teeth to your boyfriend at home that you are behaving yourself.



For a beautiful relaxing gay holiday you can't beat Mykonos. The old town and beaches are idyllic. Take extra cash as Mykonos is expensive compared to other Greek islands but offers a feeling of exclusivity i.e. you get a slightly better class of queen compared to Ibiza or Gran Canaria. It is also good destination for gay couples as there is plenty to do away from the gay bars. It is not unusual to see gay couples walking down the streets holding hands. The Greeks don't batt an eyelid as they are aware of who is paying the bills.

The views above are those of the author (visited Mykonos 5 times in recent years) and hopefully provide an up-to-date overview from a gay tourist perspective.


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